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Automotive Electronics

Remote Starters


Remote Car starters from Electra Sound give you the convenience of being able to start your vehicle from inside your home, office, or while with your family or friends. Remote starters can be used to warm your car in the cold winter, or cool it down in the hot summer.


Features vary by brand and model but may include:


  • 1-Way or 2-Way communication
  • Operating range up to 2,500 feet
  • Programmable start time mode
  • Remote lock and unlock of doors and trunk
  • Visual confirmation with parking lights
  • Vehicle Security
  • Panic mode using factory horn

Mobile Video Screens & Entertainment Systems


Get entertainment for your whole family to enjoy with overhead or headrest car video monitors! With so many options, there’s something for every need and budget. Most units have built in DVD players and wireless headphones. Let us help you choose the right drop down video monitor for your vehicle today!


Featured Brands at Elecra-Sound:



Collision Avoidance


Backup Cameras and Rear Sensors provide a view of what is behind you while you’re parking or backing up. They offer a safety advantage in helping you to see a child, pet, or other hazard.

Radar / Laser Detectors



These Radar Detectors are completely undetectable, keeping you unseen and unnoticed. Crystal-Clear Voice Alerts, Speed Alert, Safety Warning System, and stealth installation make the ultimate in discreet protection.



  • Hands free – drive, talk, and relax
  • No wires needed to connect your phone; connects upon entering vehicle
  • Automatically mutes the stereo for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Synchronize your phonebook; dial without touching your phone
  • Stream music from your phone to your car stereo

iPod Car Adapter, iPhone, & MP3 Adapters



  • Directly connect your iPod to your radio, eliminating the need for noisy FM modulated solutions
  • Crystal clear, digital quality sound
  • Browse your music by Artist, Album, Genre, and Play list from the radio controls
  • Keeps iPod charged and ready to go
  • Plug any portable audio device through a standard headphone jack or USB adapter