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Repair Guarantee

Electra-Sound stands by all the work we do and are proud to protect our customers with a 90 day warranty on parts replaced and circuit analysis (technical time) for service performed in your home.  This warranty may vary based on repairs performed while the unit is under the warranty of the manufacturer or third party administrator.


We also protect our customers by providing a six (6) month warranty on circuit analysis (technical time) for service performed in our service center.  If the unit fails within the six (6) month warranty period, only additional parts not previously replaced and installation technical time will be charged.  Only the highest quality parts are used and all parts replaced (unless noted on the invoice) are warranted for 90 days from the installation date and are new unless noted otherwise.


Because of the complex nature of electronic circuitry, predicting or preventing future breakdowns is not always possible.  Therefore, we can not guarantee any other parts or services not performed, other than those stated on your service invoice. We also cannot guarantee customer definable adjustments, (contrast, brightness, presets, set-up settings, etc.) consumable items, misuse, abuse, lightning, line surge, fire, flood, liquid damage, attempted repairs by others, or reception problems. In no event shall the service center be liable for special incidental or consequential damages in connection with this repair.